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Cacao, as the Gods intended

Theobroma cacao, food of the Gods.

Home of Samarian Chocolate

Single Origin

Tree To Bar

Welcome at Alindanaw Farm

Alindanaw stands for quality and pureness.
We grow our cacao with care, without any artificial additives, just organic deliciousness.

Alindanaw Farms Cacao has its origins years ago when grandmother Flora started growing her first cacao trees. We at Alindanaw Farm took our seeds from her remainding trees and started a whole new farm to fulfil her dream.
Alindanaw Farm cacao is related to the Trinitario variety, it has fully adapted itself to the local region.

Our cacao is of the Trinitario single origin variety. Currenty we have over 6000 trees planted, of which 1000 are of the UF-18 variety, and we even have some Criollo.

Lots of the planted trees are fruiting, these will result in more seeds to help other farmers who want to plant cacao trees, the rest are fermented and dried to create our local products, like Samarian Fine Dark Chocolate bar, Fine Milk Chocolate bar, Choco Jam (Chocolate paste), Choco Buku (Mouthwatering combination of fresh young coconut meat covered with our fine milk chocolate).

The Crew

Our Crew

Sitting on a pile of coconuts, these guys apply their TLC over our cacao. They make sure that the trees are heathly and well taken care of.

The coconut trees protect our cacao from the hot sun and strong winds. They play an important role in our farm. Enjoy a fresh coconut juice when you come to visit. Even better try our delicous Choco Buko, a fresh coconut desert with a layer of delicious Samarian Chocolate.

Our Nursery

The Nursery

We have several cacao nurseries over our farm. The young trees will provide Alindanaw and other farmers with high quality beans for years to come.

The Visitors

Guided Tours

You are very welcome to visit our farm. Let us know when you want to come and we make sure there is someone to guide you. We cater for individuals and even entire class rooms.

The Farm

The Farm

Cleaniness and good farm pratices are standard on our farm. Workers are paid a good wage. There is absolute no slavery and child labour is not allowed. You are always welcome to visit have enjoy a walk through our farm, we always have one of our people walk with you to make sure your are safe.